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  Ella Zhou   

Piano Coach


Born in China, Ella started to learn piano at age 4, gave her first public performance when she was 6 years old.  At age 11, she was selected from one thousand candidates as a child prodigy to study piano and composition in Shenzhen Arts School.During her studies, she participated in many competitions including the Parsons international piano competition (Hong Kong) at age 13 and has received 4th prize. In year 2000, Ella immigrated to the UK. In Brighton, her talent was quickly discovered by Imogen Windsor and Anna Maria Tabor, under their guidance, she performed Mozart piano concerto in A Major with BHASVIC youth orchestra at age 15, at the same year her mentor Anna Maria Tabor encouraged her to also publish her composition work - The Tango Suite for string quartet.  The premier was given by the soloists from Brighton Symphony Orchestra at the Brighton Friends Meeting House, the event was extremely successful and she was congratulated by the audiences and critics which has become a major motivation for her to carry on her music journey. 

In year 2003, after receiving the best performance prize at the Brighton Springboard Festival for Young Musicians, Ella moved to London and continued to study piano under Professor Roger Green from Trinity college of music, she gave recitals in many venues including the prestigious Southwark Cathedral, whilst she also pursued an undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Political Science at Keele University, at year 2006 she graduated with honours, in the following year 2007, she won 2nd prize at the Richmond Piano Festival Competition. 

In 2010,  she decided to move to Paris and continue her study with Professor Marian Rybicki in Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, since then, she played in various concerts across Europe including the legendary Salle Cortot. In 2011, she was invited by Prince Zur Lippe to perform her first debut at the Schloss Proschwitz in Germany.

Ella had the pleasure and honour to also participate in masterclasses given by Andrei Gavrilov and Maria Joao Pires. After Paris, in 2013 Ella moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil to continue her music career as a concert pianist and also to study with the latest Maestro Antonio Bezzan, she has performed in several festivals including the Mackenzie music series of Sao Paulo. In 2015 Ella was laureate at the Concourso Nacional Piano Competition in Brazil, she is now continuing her performance career under Maestro Amaral Vieira across the continents and has performed in different cities including the Boston International Baroque festival in the summer of 2018. Ella speaks 5 languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Portuguese. 

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