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  Sharon Chan   

Violin Coach


Born in Hong Kong, Sharon started on the violin at the Yip’s Music Centre at the age of 4. She started her initial orchestral training at the Hong Kong Children’s Symphony Orchestra, where she gained her first experience in playing solo with an orchestra and touring to various countries in Asia. In the year of 2006, Sharon was the winner of the Sea Sound and Barbara Fei Instrumental Scholarships in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and more significantly, she was offered a place to study at Wells Cathedral School in the UK as a specialist musician.

Joining Wells in Year 9, Sharon spent her following five years doing the regular GCSEs, as well as making music in various chamber groups, orchestras and solo. Under the guidance of her teacher Ms Catherine Lord, Wells was very generous in giving Sharon the opportunities to lead in Strings Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra,

followed by tours around London, Germany, Beijing and Hong Kong in her final years at Wells.  Sharon also enjoyed playing chamber music with her peers. having received professional coaching from professors and teachers at the Music Department had helped open up her imagination and musicality. Rounding up the fruitful years at Wells, Sharon won the coveted place at the concerto audition and gave a performance of the Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto with the Wells Symphony Orchestra. This brought to her another opportunity to play Mozart Concerto No.5 with the local Somerset Orchestra in 2011.

After completing her studies at Wells, Sharon headed back to hometown Hong Kong for her undergraduate education. At the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, she studied from Professor Michael Ma, and continued to play not only in orchestras, but also participating in international music festival such as the Asian Youth Orchestra in 2012 and the Pacific Music Festival 2013 in Sapporo, Japan with full scholarships.  In her graduation year, Sharon was chosen to play the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Symphony Orchestra at the end-of-year concerto concert series.  Upon graduation, Sharon received two years of training at the Hong Kong Sinfonietta before becoming an official a member of the orchestra in 2016.

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